Reading at Busboys and Poets


I had an opportunity last night to read at the open mic night at Busboys and Poets at 14th & V in Washington D.C. This is such a different venue for me and it was really exciting. With just four minutes for each reader I decided to read my poem, "To Jackson Browne, My Father," which had been getting really good feedback at my recent readings. It seemed to go over well! This was simultaneously the most supportive and also the most intimidating crowd I have ever read in front of. 

Here are a few pictures. Sorry for the low quality! Cell phone cameras are so convenient, but these turned out a bit blurry. Click on the images below to scroll through. 


Everybody's Jealous of Everybody Else -- Bite-Size Poetry

I was chosen to be the Poet of the Month for March 2015, by the Utah Art's Council. They had me travel up north to Salt Lake City to go into a sound studio to do a professional recording of the poem. Reading the poem essentially alone in a room and staring in to a camera was more nerve wracking than I expected, but I am so impressed with how it came out. I really feel like they got my piece and did a fantastic job with it. I've been watching the other Bite-Size Poetry videos as they have come out each month and they've all been so unique; each capturing the personality of the piece and the poet well. If you haven't seen them all you should google "bite-size poetry" right now! (Well after you watch mine, below.)