"USU-Eastern associate professor of English Jason Olsen recently introduced community members to his newly published poetry book entitled “Parakeet.” The event was conducted on Thursday at the Price City Library."

"Olsen entertained attendees by reading portions of his story as well as adding humor to the event."

From ETV 10 News 6/19/2017

"We are happy to announce two new titles acquired for 2017. Without further ado: Swamp Frank by Francesco Grisanzio and Parakeet by Jason Olsen! These mind-meltingly awesome poetry collections will officially debut at the annual LAVA Festival at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center in May, and will be available for purchase online on June 1, 2017."

From BatCat Press 2/1/2017

"Jason Olsen, assistant professor of English at USU-Eastern, at took first place at the 2016 Utah Arts Council Original Writing Competition."

“I teach that poetry can be many, many things,” Olsen said. “It can be a puzzle that’s almost impossible to figure out, or it can be something that’s fun. And that’s up to the poet.”

From Utah State Today 12/15/2016

"He has a talent for making significant statements in a lighthearted way."

" Inspiration for this poem came as Olsen was thinking about the way that people view other people and their possessions. Jealousy is a common topic, but Olsen takes a different slant and examines the smaller, insignificant ways that humans feel envy. In a playful, but thoughtful approach, he invites his readers to look inside."

From The Eagle at USU Eastern 4/1/2015